The coldest season

I have more than one favorite seasons, & I guess they are absolutely the most commonly chosen favorite seasons. I like Springtime & fall. Springtime is charming because it is when the Wintertime yellows begin to melt away & the focus on flowers & freshness begin. I like fall because it is the time when we begin to realize that the holidays are around the corner, & those irritated dog days of warm season will be updated by vibrant yellow & deep mustard colors of Fall, generally, where I live, in the south, I do not believe the need to use a/c or heating in both of those seasons. That is another reason they are my favorites. I get relief from high heating & cooling costs! This year, I have noticed, we are having quite a cold Springtime. As I stand here writing this, I am bundled in a sizable fluffy robe & am contemplating getting socks to keep my feet warm. I wish I lived in a place with radiant heated flooring. If I did, I would likely turn the heating system on. Heated floors are much better than the central heating I do have in the house, then everyone knows that heat rises, so it make sense to have heated flooring. The heat rises up from the floor & doesn’t instantly travel up to the ceiling, forcing you to use the heating system even more. Well speaking, I like not to have a cold Springtime love we are having now. If I open the windows, it gets downright cold in here, so I am missing out my fresh air fix of the year. Right now, I don’t have the heating system or the a/c on, but I am cold.