The creatures in my a/c equipment

A little over a year ago, my husband as well as I had enough of the frosty as well as snow up north, then the two of us packed up our belongings, headed south as well as bought a house. The two of us now live in an space where the temperature never drops below forty degrees, as well as it never snows. The two of us left behind our wool coats, heavy boots, ice scrapers as well as snow shovels. The two of us are honestly cheerful wearing T-shirts, shorts as well as sandals, as well as we love the palm trees as well as sunshine, and it is a honestly different life down here; Our yard consists mainly of sand as well as there is a cactus growing in my garden. Instead of a gas furnace, we have an cooling system as well as the main component sits outside. The cooling system is quite old, big as well as completely exposed to the weather. There’s also tons of little lizards running around outside, as well as they crawl right inside the cooling system. I’m not sure if they are just using the cooling system for shelter, as a roadway or building house inside the inner workings. I’m upset about them chewing on wires as well as causing disfigure. I don’t love the plan of dead lizards or feces inside of the cooling unit. Plus, the outdoor component links to air duct as well as vents inside the home. I’d love the lizards not take advantage of this opportunity. I hired a local Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C business to repair the cooling system as well as asked about the lizards, then he didn’t seem worried at all.  He said that some people put screens around the outdoor components to protect against leaves, sticks, mice as well as lizards, but that it isn’t necessary.