The ductless air cooling plan

Do you come from a family that left you scrubbing your plate clean of food? Maybe they did it because of all the starving children in Africa that wouldn’t eat while you could. In my case, I never did mind eating – if anything, I liked it a little too much! Maybe I would have been better off if I didn’t eat the way I did as a kid. That being said, the people I was with and I didn’t have that saying in our house, but the concept easily was to be happy with what you got. That’s so important, especially these days! It is so easy to take our great lifestyles for granted. When I went out of the country last Summer, I came to that conclusion even more than I ever did as a kid. When I went to another country, I discovered fairly quickly how all the things I didn’t realize were luxuries. The other folks did not have refrigerators wasting tons of cooling energy on a few food items. They instead used small refrigerators, and the only homes that used air conditioning systems of any kind were the homes meant for tourists like myself. The houses that people rent out used ductless mini-split air conditioning units, and I used it every day! Many of the local people did not even have a window a/c unit, as they didn’t have anything going on during the hottest part of the day. They take a cool bath instead of using a/c, and then they take a nap! I wasn’t smart enough to do that though, which is why I tried to do things and found myself complaining the whole time. Just because I didn’t have A/C, at that!

cooling set up