the furnace is quite loud

My sister loves watching scary movies. I hate them, but since we live in the same house, I have to put up with her having them on late at night. I know I shouldn’t let it get to me because it isn’t real, but I scare easy and she finds most of it funny. She curls up on the sofa with a bunch of snacks and starts a video with all the lights off in the house. Last night, she was watching a really scary movie, so I had her turn all the lights on in the house while she watched it. She yelled at me because she said it would turn into a major utility bill! So, She watched this flick about these people invading their home with machetes and other weapons. I could hear the whole thing, but at least I had all the lights on. I left them on when I went to go to bed because there was no way I could sleep! I kept thinking I was hearing them in the house, plus I saw a lot of odd shadows. I knew it was all in my head, but I couldn’t help but jump. Then I heard a noise that I knew was real. It was coming from the basement. It was a loud bang that kept happening over and over. Finally, I grabbed my sister and we both got up to check it out. Come to find out, it was our furnace! Our gas furnace was spitting out steam from its mouth, plus the knobs on the Heating plus A/C system were rattling. The furnace was rocking around and being really loud about it. Even though I could see it was just the furnace making noises, I still ran as fast as I could back upstairs while my sister stayed behind to address the issue. She couldn’t fix it so we called the Heating plus A/C maintenance company the next day. They came immediately and we entertained them with our midnight tale of gas furnace beast!

furnace repair