the green HVAC plan

Have you ever been on a mission trip? That is something that I have never done, but I am going to this warm season. I will be using our more than one weeks vacation time to go to another village & do some work there. The plan that our church has is to go to a southern village here in our country & assist the exhausting by providing them with solar heating & cooling for their homes. All of us got a solar heating & cooling supplier to donate a lot of the necessary solar panels & other Heating & Air Conditioning components, & the people I was with and I will be installing all the Heating & Air Conditioning component at these various houses. In these southern cities, there are many people, including the elderly especially, that simply cannot afford to use the respected heating & cooling available through their village utilities supplier. Every year, elderly & sick people cannot afford to use their air conditioning, & every year, various people die from heat stroke. In this country of wealth, that is just ridiculous. The control units in the southern cities often learn truly high temperatures, so cooling system is entirely a necessity for the elderly & the infirm. I am super happy to help others in this small way, & I am also happy to be learning about solar heating & cooling & how it works. I may consider getting solar air conditioning & solar water furnaces at our own house. This will be a fantastic option to learn more about it. Afterward, I will have a better method if getting solar cooling system is entirely worth it or not for our life circumstances.

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