The HVAC is so gross

I am over living in a small town.  For the last five years I have been vowing that as soon as I was old enough, I was going to leave this town.  Next week, I will be moving away so I can go to college. I’m sure I’ll visit long enough to see my mom and dad, but there isn’t anything here to keep me around anymore.  There just isn’t anything left here to keep the younger people here. The town is rundown and there is little business left here. You can’t find a job and you can’t even go shopping around here anymore.  Dad needed a HVAC tech the other day. He ended up call in a HVAC specialist from a town that is twenty miles away. They charged him for travelling that distance, but he needed to have the furnace fixed. It is still winter, and we can’t go without a working furnace.  This is the way everything is. I used to think that i would maybe go to HVAC technical school. I could get my certification and open a HVAC shop here in the town. With everyone leaving, there won’t be anyone to hire me to work on their heating or air conditioning. I know mom and dad and a few other relatives are here, but is it worth it to open a HVAC company in a town that has less than two hundred inhabitants.  I’ll be leaving in a couple months, and I doubt if I will ever look back, let alone moved back, any time soon.

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