the HVAC program is real big

I was noticing that the air was getting warm in our house just last week. It didn’t seem logical, though what I did was call an HVAC repair technician to check things out for me and see if there was a problem. I took down some notes to let the HVAC service technician understand what was going on. After the HVAC worker came in, the people I was with and I started to talk about some of the problems that I was noticing. It was getting warm all of the time, as the HVAC system would start providing cold air, only to then send warm air into the house. The strangest thing about this was that the HVAC system’s air handler kept blowing air as well as running normal, like nothing was amiss! The HVAC service technician went about looking underneath the unit. He observed how the HVAC plan was a pretty big component that is lifted to let air come in more effectively, and that the coils had ice on them – this wasn’t a good sign! The cooling system coils were encased in ice, meaning they were clogged with the ice. This meant no cool air could pass through them, making the cabin frosty again! The HVAC technician had me turn off the HVAC system for a few minutes, just to let the ice melt away. A couple of hours later, the HVAC service technician came back and looked at the cooling system coils to see the condition that they were in. One of the cooling system coils had a crack in it that could not be sealed! The HVAC technician then took out the old, busted coil, replacing it with a new one that would work without issue.

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