The lighting is all automated

If you’re not familiar with automated lighting systems, they can be used to help save money in large businesses as well as small companies. An automated lighting system can be helpful in reducing overhead costs and energy consumption, so it’s a highly sought after system! When the boss of my company decided to go green, we added a lighting control system in the building where our headquarters were held. The lighting control system helps us automatically adjust the lighting in our offices, which saves a lot of time and energy. Automated lights means the lights can’t be left off, right? The building works off occupancy sensors, which is how it knows when to cut the lights. The occupancy sensors are a device that is used to detect a presence in any room. The occupancy sensors see based on movement, so if there is motion in the room, the occupancy sensor adjusts the temperature or lights. The occupancy sensors make it so the lights are only triggered if there is motion in the room, but there are a lot of different occupancy sensors to choose from. Some sensors can relay motion, while others relay environmental information including humidity, temperature and more. All of these sensors are a big part of our intricate lighting program. With the automated lighting system now being installed in our building, it will be much easier to monitor the energy consumption in the offices and reduce our energy consumption, hopefully resulting in a lower utility bill!