The portable HVAC route did not work

After years of listening to my mom and dad lament about the energy bills and how much it cost to live, I learned to be a very frugal person.  I found every corner that could be cut and I saved every penny I found. When I was able to move away from home, I was well prepared to be able to make it on my own.  My dad had me ready to be able to live on $50 a week for a budget. This included food, utilities and heating. I never learned to drive a car because I never thought I would be able to afford to drive a car.  Living in the city, made it simple to be able to ride my bicycle to everywhere I went. The only part of my life I wasn’t ready to deal with, was the heating and air conditioning in my home. I thought that if I were to use fans and space heaters, in place of the heating and air conditioning, that I would be saving money on my energy.  It wasn’t until we got into winter that I realized how wrong I was. The fans were making a big difference in the air conditioning, but the space heaters were costing me more money than I could have imagined. Maybe if my HVAC system were as inefficient as the HVAC system in my dad’s home, using the space heaters would have made a difference.  All the space heaters had done was to raise the cost of my energy bills. It didn’t take long for me to sell of the space heaters and go back to using my furnace and air conditioning. I did keep a couple fans and space heater in case of an emergency.

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