The songs and a/c use

When my child was blasting his tunes too loud, I told him to wear earbuds, and of course, when he was wearing his ear buds, he was singing the tunes at the top of his lungs, I then told him he better go to his car or something to sing his tunes because it was giving me a headache. So he really went out to his car and started blaring his tunes and singing as loud as he could. It was kind of hot outside so he had to crank up his air conditioner with the car running, but well, a little while later my child came back in the house complaining that his air conditioner wasn’t entirely working any longer; He said that I had to take him to the auto repair shop to fix his air conditioner system. I told him the we did not have to go to the auto repair shop, we could just go and get a refrigerant refill kit at the auto section store. I told him to go get the refrigerant refill kit and I would help him fill his refrigerant so his air conditioner would task again. So he went and got the item I suggested and came back. I helped him to refill the refrigerant and when we done, his air conditioner was ice cold again. He went right back to blasting his tunes and singing as loud as he could in his car. I was glad he was out of the house singing, because he was not a very wonderful singer to be really honest.

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