The terrible conditions in the basement

About a year ago, I moved into the basement at my parents’ house. I have a good job as well as make enough cash to afford a good house or a home of my own. However, my parents are older, dealing with some health complications as well as struggling to keep up with the service on their home. Although I have two brothers, they own their own homes as well as are married. I volunteered to tranathletic interest in with mom as well as dad as well as help them out. I drive them to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, pharmacy as well as numerous errands. I make sure the lawn is mowed, the hedges trimmed as well as the driveway plowed in the Winter. I handle any necessary repairs, as well as take care of the upkeep of the gas furnace, cooling system, water heater, as well as the rest of the household appliances. I have my own living space with a separate entrance as well as private bathroom in the basement. Once I got the space cleaned up as well as organized, I had plenty of room for all of my belongings. My only complaint is that the basement tends to be cold as well as damp. It isn’t included as space of the forced air gas furnace as well as central cooling plan that supply for the rest of the house. I noticed that I was coming down with frequent headaches, as well as there was constantly mold as well as mildew complications. I did some research as well as was surprised by the many options for space heating as well as portable dehumidifiers. The units are compact, quiet as well as energy efficient, yet easily handle the requirements of the square footage. The space heating system as well as dehumidifier were not overly high-priced as well as yet have made a big difference in air quality as well as my overall comfort.