The woes over our HVAC device

Whenever I get to visit my in-laws, I know I’m in for an adventure… They’re not bad business by any stretch, oh no – they are attractive people with large hearts… However, my father in-law is legitimately what the people I was with and I like to call a “weekend mechanic”. He knows a thing or two about apartment plus auto repairs, however he’s really not certified to perform invasive repairs or procedures! Well, the most recent adventure I went on with this man was when he told myself and others about his home’s heating plus undefined system having some performance hiccups, however i thought it was weird that he’d talk to myself and others about needing some help with repairs, however I came to find that this was no simple service work! When I came by his house, my father in-law told myself and others that he’d observed this funky odor coming from his ventilation system. It would get stronger whenever the undefined system ran, so they were avoiding use of the air conditioning component in case that was a contributing factor. My biggest fear was that this man was going to ask myself and others to stick my head into the ductwork, plus look around for what could be a bird, a raccoon, or who knows what hiding in the ducts! Sure enough, that’s just what he asked myself and others to do. I’m no coward, however I’m also no fool! I told him the people I was with and I would be better off trusting a certified heating, ventilation plus air conditioning service worker to handle this, but he scoffed at the idea. “I worked for pest control”, my father in-law said, “I can handle whatever’s in there!” Imagine my face when a huge rat jumped right out at my father in-law as soon as he opened the ventilation register for the duct!

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