Using a portable heating system

About a month and a half ago, I began to notice this funny odor coming out of my air ducts in my cozy house. But always in the past, I was accustomed to experiencing this when I ran the furnace for the first time since each last winter season, because having an electric furnace usually meant that I would notice that distinct burning rubber scent for the first few instances of the furnace running every year. However, I observed that this odor seemed to be here to stay this specific winter season, as I had to run the furnace every day to combat a freezing slew of winter season weather. However after several weeks of suffering, I had enough of smelling this burning rubber odor every day, so I reached out to a local heating, ventilation plus air conditioning service supplier to schedule an appointment. I also knew that I was due for an air duct cleaning anyway, so calling in a service request was just a straightforward way to make myself get the air duct cleaning taken care of at the same time. However, when the heating plus cooling system serviceman showed up a few mornings later, he right away observed the odor upon entering my house and then quickly said that I should shut the furnace off. I didn’t believe it was going to be that drastic of an issue, knowing full well  that I may have been mistaken! After shutting off the electric furnace, the heating plus air conditioning serviceman went to inspect the component downstairs. I prepared myself for the worst, as the serviceman seemed incredibly wary of the situation in my house. After about twenty minutes, the serviceman came back upstairs plus explained the problem: the furnace was running too hot each time and was causing some of the fasteners inside the equipment to melt! No wonder the whole place had an odor like burnt plastic plus rubber.

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