Very cold in the spring time

I have more than one number one seasons, and I think they are entirely the most commonly chosen number one seasons. I appreciate Spring and fall. Spring is lovely because it is when the Winter time yellows begin to melt away and the focus on flowers and freshness begin. I appreciate fall because it is the time when all of us begin to realize that the holidays are around the corner, and those irritated pet afternoons of summer time will be replaced by vibrant yellow and deep mustard colors of Autumn, however generally, where I live, in the south, I do not think the need to use air conditioner or heating in both of those seasons. That is another reason they are my number ones. I get relief from high heating and cooling costs! This year, I have observed, all of us are having quite a frigid Spring. As I sit here writing this, I am bundled in a large fluffy robe and am contemplating getting socks to keep my feet warm. I wish I lived in a place with radiant heated flooring. If I did, I would likely turn the gas furnace on. Heated floors are much better than the central heating I do have in the house! Everyone knows that heat rises, so it make sense to have heated flooring. The heat rises up from the floor and doesn’t instantly travel up to the ceiling, forcing you to use the gas furnace even more. Really speaking, I adore not to have a cold Spring like all of us are having now. If I open the windows, it gets downright cold in here, so I am missing out my fresh air service of the year. Right now, I don’t have the gas furnace or the air conditioner on, although I am cold.