Waiting for the heating to stop

For several years, I took the train to work. I used to work deep in the city where it was really hard to park your car, so the best option was to take the train! This came with some problems to be honest, but in the end, it was in fact better than fighting off traffic and trying to find a place to park. The worst thing that was a big hassle was that the train did not have quality heating and  cooling. In the cold wintertime mornings it would be darn near freezing on that train because the heating system they had in the thing did not task well. I was never sure why or how the train could get away without a heating system going strong. I am really quite shocked that no one ever complained about the lack of heating on that train all together! The summer time was a whole nother story and  issue with the a/c. There would be some times where the a/c would actually be fully working. Then, on some mornings, it was hotter than a burning oil and gas gas furnace combined in that train car! I actually do not know what it is about public transportation, but they never take pride in their heating and cooling systems! Without heating and cooling, how do you even function in life unless you live in some perfect weather conditions where you get natural heating and cooling all year long. That is not me, sadly, and so, whatever time of year, I always need heating and cooling!

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