Want a boiler system for the home

My parents, grandparents, and this generation have all been in the corporation of making Maple Syrup.  We love and enjoy the process & various don’t suppose how much it takes to create this delicious syrup. If you have never had the experience of tasting real maple syrup then you have missed out on one of life’s great pleasures. The store purchased stuff just can’t compare.  Our family syrup method is boiled down for hours with just the right amount of smoke infused to give it that slightly woodsy country taste. This process requires a lot of time & firewood. Did you suppose it takes thirty gallons of maple sap to create just 1 gallon of syrup?  We spend days & even weeks keeping a fire to heat sap. With everyone getting older every one of us decided to look into using a gas powered boiler and getting rid of the wood fire to make the warm process a bit less costly and difficult. We could still infuse the smoke flavor by using a smoke box & maple wood pieces.  Having a heater instead of a fire would make the whole process go more smoothly & every one of us could easily take a break from it for a bit as every one of us wouldn’t have to continuously stoke the fire, many traditionalist will argue that this is not the way to make “real” maple syrup. Maybe so, but I say, have at it.  If you would like to tap the trees, break the wood, sit in a maple shack until the cows come home, more power to you. Our Heating & A/C guy said he could provide us with a propane boiler & have it up & running in a matter of days. At outr ages, I definitely guess this is the best option.

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