Want the a/c in good shape

There was a time in this apartment I lived in, where the air temperatures went from frosty to tepid in a matter of minutes. I was at a loss for words to understand why! I had moved to this place after it had been closed for some time, and I moved in because I got such a sweet deal on the place. At first, the cooling system was running incredibly well. As time moved forward though, I noticed that the air was getting warmer and warmer for longer, despite running the air conditioning system. Of course, I couldn’t figure it out – so I called my usual certified HVAC service technician to help me figure out the problem. I can remember it still – the worker walked to the front door and saw all of the windows and doors open. Just to get fresh air, that’s the length I went to! The whole time the HVAC technician was here, I was trying to have breakfast before leaving for work. It wasn’t honestly working out too well, as I had to stop often and let him work where I was sitting. The whole time that I was sitting at the table, I could feel sweat pouring down my back into the seat below me. It was miserable! Not only that, but it was also getting hotter by the hour. The HVAC service technician brought in some tools with him, and began testing out the a/c system to check for where the system might be lagging. He went into the attic too, just to see what was going on in there and if the heat was dispersing out of the house properly through the attic. I could tell that he was experienced, as he carried this check-off list that he used to track his inspections of the A/C unit and air handler. After he took down notes and made several measurements, he talked to me and explained how the A/C unit we had was 15 years old. It wasn’t doing that well these days, so it was time to retire that cooling system and push for a new one. The next day, the HVAC service technicians showed up again. This time, they installed a new air conditioning unit, and my A/C was almost instantly improved!.

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