Want the climate control perfect

In the Summer, I’m actually aware of the muggy, sticky conditions caused by excessive humidity, during the Winter, the humidity level drops and the air becomes severely dry… I used to ignore the concern and live with the consequences; However, a lack of humidity is equally as problematic and directly affects health and comfort! The health concerns that are acquaintanced with chilly weather are absolutely caused by overly dry air. When the air lacks natural humidity, it pulls moisture out of everything it touches, including beach house furnishings and tenants. It draws moisture out of a person’s skin, hair, throat, and sinuses. When nasal passages dry out, it weakens the mucus the body relies on to combat harmful viruses and germs! Because of this, the dry air makes it more likely to contract a sinus infection, chilly or flu… Chapped lips, nosebleeds, sore throat, itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing are all consequences of a lack of necessary moisture in the air… Plus, the dry air affects dogs and cats and increases pet dander. There’s also the aggravation of static electricity.  It builds up when there’s insufficient humidity and can result in painful shocks, cause clothing to stick together and even damage low voltage electronics… An straight-forward and affordable way to maintain relative humidity within the ideal range is with the installation of a whole-beach house humidifier, unlike portable units, this style of humidifier is incorporated directly into the heating plan and requires only yearly service. It adds moisture to the whole home, rather than a single room, and allows customized settings. Because it draws water from the household water line, there’s no need to refill the reservoir. It then introduces the moisture directly into the heated air, improving the health and comfort of the home.

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