Want the heater to evenly heat

I have been having problems with unreliable heating in my house this Winter, which is something that I did not encounter last winter. I have been doing some reading up about it and l acquired that the hot and cold spots could be a number of reasons. My heating may be uneven because there is dust and dog hair in the filters or simply because I have not had any repair on it; Either way I chose to talk to an Heating and A/C provider to see if they had any Heating and A/C contractors that they would recommend to check on my heater. The Heating and A/C contractor on the iphone advised  that due to the fact that I have a greater house I might want to check out introducing an HVAC with zone system. He explained that a heating zoning plan will help myself and others better control the used and unused spaces of the home. He also advised I could redirect the air vents. I am wondering when he comes out if I will do a complete overhaul of my Heating and A/C system. I am really considering the zoning system, plus adding a programmable thermostat. I have a few folks I know that use programmable thermostats and they have said they are saving quite a bit on their utility bills… Usually I forget to turn my heating system off when I leave the house, so it may be that I am over finally working the heater. The heating system is almost as old as the house so it’s truly time for a brand new heater. One good thing is that the Heating and A/C contractor told myself and others that they are running a pricing sale on installations of furnaces and AC units. He also told myself and others that if I am going to take the plunge on a new heating system installed I may as well get a new AC component to make sure that I do not run into the same problems in the heat of August.  

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