want the heating system removed

One day, my wife and I decided to clean out our cottage. We had everything in the house cleaned so we decided to work on the fireplace. We were waiting on doing the floors until the hearth for the fireplace was cleaned. As we were cleaning, we saw that some of the bricks came loose over the years and the hearth was in need of more fixing up than we originally thought. We hired a chimney sweep to do a proper cleaning of the chimney, when the man showed up, we asked if he knew of anyone who could service the hearth and reinstall the old and mangled bricks for us. The guy laughed and told us we were in luck because he does that too! Over the time spent with him, we found he was one for jokes. He took his work seriously, but he knew to have fun at the same time. By the end of the afternoon, our fireplace was fixed and ready for use. I didn’t think we’d finish the cottage clean up so fast! I really thought we’d be here for weeks, not days. The wife and I were ready to put the cottage up for sale, that was what all our cleaning was for. Before we put it up for sale, we wanted to appreciate the fireplace. We sat in front of the fireplace that evening and stared into the hot, blazing fire. We got to talking and fell asleep where we sat in front of the fireplace. After the night we had, we really enjoyed the cozy atmosphere. We had no intention of selling that beautiful cottage. We wanted to bring our own kids here to make more memories like the ones we made, last night.

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