Want to swap out the a/c plan

Two nights ago when I was now working at home, I started hearing this bizarre noise coming from downstairs. It was this intense grinding noise, and it sounded almost love metal against metal. I wondered what in the heck this noise was, since I was the only person home at the time and I couldn’t think of what it might be, but then I remembered that I had turned the temperature control down several degrees and that the air conditioning had turned on ten minutes ago. I went over to the air conditioning vent in the corner of the home office and I put my hand out to see if there was any air conditioning blowing out through the vents. There was a very small bit of cooling air coming from the air vents, but not as much as there should have been! I hustled myself downstairs to the room where the heating and the cooling systems are housed, and I started to look around to see if anything looked out of order to me. It appeared to me that the bizarre sound was coming from the air conditioning unit. It turns out that the sound was a bunch of the bearings in the motor of the cooling system. Loose or long damaged air conditioning components and parts can cause all kinds of troubles with your air conditioning system, but after I could hear all of the loose bearings rattling around in my cooling system system, I turned the cooling system completely off and then I went ahead and called the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier. I had a feeling it would be much smoother to just go ahead and get them to come out and substitute the bearings than to leave the cooling system love it was and risk damage to my entire cooling system unit!

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