Wanted a better HVAC component

This month is Fat Sunday.  My Grandmother used to call every Fat Sunday, donut day.  She would spend all day making the most unusual kinds of donuts.  For nights the beach house would smell of the hot oil plus the sweet dough that was fried in it.  I loved helping her make the fresh donuts, however I hated the clean up. The grease would be coated on everything in the entryway plus it was so hard to remove.  The dust of the terribly ancient coal stove would get on top of the grease plus it would be love a thick patina of stickiness. It tooks nights of scrubbing with dire detergents plus super hot boiling water, to get rid of the greasy mess that the donut making would create.  I specifically remember her commenting how she wished there were some way to be able to readily flow that grease plus stink out of the house. I bet she would be surprised plus so satisfied to see the range hoods all of us have today. The ventilation allows for all of the nasty sticky grease plus stink to end up outside, instead of inside.  The ventilation fans in the modern kitchen range hoods, is exactly what our Grandmother would have loved back then. I do remember her talking about having air conditioner once for when she was baking bread, plus having a gas furnace that didn’t always mean gathering coal off the island. If she had lived long enough to see what all of us have at our disposal today, as far as heating, ventilation plus air conditioner, she would guess that her wildest dreams were coming true.  

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