Wasting the heat energy

A couple of days ago, my partner was laying at the top of the landing plus he noticed that there was a big draft in that corner  I had been saying something to this guy about having a draft in the house for several weeks now. When I sat at the dining room island, the was a steady stream of cold air falling down on me.  He insisted the draft was coming from the door, which was right behind me, and I was positive. He wouldn’t stop saying the heat would go up as the cold air come flying in through the doorway. I asked him if the heat was rising, why would it be cold up at the top of the landing.  He really didn’t have much to say about that, but he did growl at me as he came back down the steps. Over the past few months, I have become used to his growling when I come up something logical to say. I eventually forced a smile plus waved as he walked by plus went back downstairs.  He came back up with an infrared heat seeker. It is supposed to find where the colder areas of the house, or in this case, where the heating is escaping. I had been telling this guy for weeks, that there was a draft coming from upstairs. Both of us found out there is a crack in the wall and there is no insulation in that space of the house.  The landing is right below the roof and when the wind storm went through a couple weeks ago, it had destroyed a few small sheds. Now he knows why the heating systems has been running continually plus there is never enough heat in the dining room and restroom.

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