We just can’t agree on the HVAC

I have to say that living with roommates has been a real issue for me. While I have been able to save some money, it seems that we do not get along all that well, but something that annoys me to no end is the situation with our temperature control system, I just want to be comfortable in my own house, but everybody is constantly changing up the temperature control settings. Usually, I have to go to my own room in order to feel comfortable. I actually bought a portable Heating and A/C machine, this allows me to utilize both Heating and Cooling settings in my room. So on those days when I can’t deal with my roommates, I escape to the perfect temperature control settings in our my room. This is where I can relax and take it easy and get away from the world. This is where I can learn and focus on my school work. While everybody else is trying to party, I am serious about our college studies. I guess that I am going to have to save up my money, so that I can get an apartment that I have to myself. I really do not know how much longer I can deal with my roommates. It might be possible to get on some kind of Heating and A/C Zone control plan, but honestly, that would be too much of a headache and would cost too much money. I really do not want to make any investments like that if I guess I can’t deal with these people for much longer, however by this time next year, I should be out of here.

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