Where I grew up

The area I grew up in is so great. It is right in the countryside & there is so much to do outside. It’s as if it is a whole other world when I go back to visit. My mom and dad have kept our room just the same & I adore it. Still has our small little bed & vintage dresser from our good papa. The floors are like freezing tile & the walls are bright red. There is a AC component in our window & I have so many memories with it. 1 time I got into some issues with it. I was sneaking out at night & made a choice I had to remove the AC component from the window. I was a young teen so I wasn’t sure about the best way to go about it. Without pondering I opened the window & in that same moment the AC device crashed to the floor below. I was bewildered. First of all I could not live without a AC component in our room, the summers were real hot! I was sad to tell our mom and dad because I knew for sure they would be not happy with me. I told them the next day & the phoned our HVAC provider. He came out to install a new device for us. My parents decided to swap out to main cooling so I no longer had a portable AC unit. They made me pay for the service to the cooling system & I had to work all Summer to service it. I sure learned our lesson & every time I see a HVAC worker I am reminded of that sad day!

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