Why we need a good air cleaner

A few weeks ago, the vacant lot next to our office was sold. A month after the vacant lot was sold, they came to the lot with bulldozers as well as wrecking balls as well as completely cleared the area. Ever since they cleared the area, there has been a crazy amount of dust in our office. Every time the Wind Blows, you can see dust particles everywhere in the air. It seems appreciate our Heating as well as A/C system is picking up those particles, because our indoor air conditions has been awful. There is dust all over every surface in the office. I come to work each morning as well as dust the computers, electronics, as well as shelves. Each morning, there is the same amount of dust. The building superintendent diagnosed our ventilation, but they did not find any problems. When I started sneezing, our boss purchased a small media whole-home air purifier for our office. I did not guess the media whole-home air purifier would work genuinely well, because I have an office that is almost 200 square feet. Surprisingly, the media whole-home air purifier performs genuinely well for a small as well as energy-efficient machine. My dust sensitivities as well as sneezing fits are much better, as well as the indoor air conditions is free of contaminants. When our boss enters our office, he regularly says that it smells appreciate fresh Spring air. I do not know exactly what that means, although I am sure blissful that he purchased an media whole-home air purifier for our office. I hope they complete the construction in the lot soon, because I guess it will help the indoor air conditions, however right now, there is not anything to stop the airflow. All that dust is just heading this way.

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