Wifi controlled HVAC

When I replaced the control unit in my lake house to a WIFI connected control, I knew it would give superior comfort as well as energy efficiency. I was uneasy to take advantage of the ability to make changes to temperature through my smartphone. My hubby as well as I spent a bit more to take advantage of studying capability as well as voice commands, then for the first month following replacement, the control unit kept track of every change the two of us made to settings. It then created a customized program to suit our biweekly schedule. Both of us now wake up as well as return lake house from work to the ideal temperature. In-between, the WIFI control unit automatically adjusts to conserve energy. It has helped to trim quarterly costs, as well as reminds myself and others about necessary maintenance for the heating as well as cooling system.  I hadn’t realized that the control unit would reveal the several changes my hubby makes to temperature settings. The control unit keeps track of every time the two of us raise or lower the setting, as well as how much energy is used. It even offers helpful tips to reduce energy draw. When I looked over the past week, I realized that my hubby was getting up many times during the middle of the night as well as raising the control unit setting. Instead of grabbing some warmer pajamas or an extra blanket, he was heating the entire apartment to the perfect temperature while the whole family is asleep. Not only was this costing us a small fortune, however also putting needless strain on the gas furnace. When I brought this to his attention, my hubby initially tried to deny it. The control unit, but, gave proof.