Worried about our furnace equipment

It definitely takes a village to raise multiple children, especially with a spouse in the military. My partner has been in the Army, since we were in our twenties… We’re doing our best to get through the last multiple years, so my partner can retire with full benefits. In the meantime, I have multiple children with a totally busy schedule. Most of the days are filled with soccer, ballet lessons, plus PTA meetings. My best buddy lives across the street, plus she helps out very often. Last weekend, the youngsters were invited to a birthday gathering, all but the little one were away for the afternoon. I was truly ecstatic to have a quiet residence to myself. Regrettably, the gas furnace started to make an obnoxious tapping sound. I recognized the tapping sound though, because our Old Furnace made this sound before. My partner was at the residence at the time, plus was able to make the gas furnace repair… This time, he was away in a foreign country. I had to reach out to a gas furnace repair center. They had an appointment for the same afternoon, though. I spent all afternoon waiting around for the gas furnace repair technician, before they finally showed up. I was hoping for a quiet afternoon to myself, although I ended up with a truly busy afternoon of errands… By the time the gas furnace was taken care of, I was ready to pick up the youngsters plus make an early dinner for us all. At least the residence was sizzling plus comfy, when we came back to our residence from the market. I handled the problem without any help though.

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