Worried about the a/c plan

Ever since we had moved into our home, we have had the same HVAC system.  Since nothing ever went wrong with the HVAC, we never had it changed. It didn’t make sense to make any changes in the system since it kept us warm and comfortable throughout the year.  Over the past couple years, we had been becoming increasingly worried about the higher cost of the energy bills. The only thing we could imagine was that the furnace was working so well anymore.  Since we had been here for over fifteen years, I was sure that if the furnace was failing, the air conditioning was probably also failing. We began to look for newer and more energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems.  We came across an evaporative cooler which would have been great if we had only been looking for an air conditioning system. It would have worked well if we had been living in an area where the heating was hot and dry, but we didn’t live in that kind of area.  We lived in an area where our winters were seldom below freezing and our summers were in the upper eighties at the highest. We need both heating and air conditioning. My wife and I stumbled upon a heat pump. The heat pump was said to be highly efficient and it provided both heating and cooling.  It worked by exchanging the heat from the ground into the house during the winter, and the cool air into the house during the summer. It seemed to be the ideal HVAC system for our home.

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