Cutting costs with a dehumidifier

Living in the southern area of the country, I rely on our central cooling proposal for approximately multiple months of the year. The people I was with and I endure hot & cold temperatures in the triple digits, & the air conditioning runs always. Along with the heat, the two of us deal with very high humidity levels. Since overly moist air feels warmer, it encourages lower thermostat settings. An air conditioning is not designed to combat humidity. Blasting the air conditioning just leads to overcooling, overpriced electric bills & a sticky indoor environment. There’s still the worry over mold & mildew growth, disfigure to condo furnishings & a high population of dust mites. Overly humid conditions are also perfect for bacteria, viruses & all sorts of health threats. Headaches, sore throat, itchy eye, sneezing, coughing, congestion & frustrated symptoms of dust sensitivities & asthma can all be attributed to overly high humidity levels. To improve the health & comfort of our home, I’ve invested in a whole-condo dehumidifier. It works in tandem with the cooling system, pulling moisture out of the air & allowing customized control over humidity levels. Since installing the dehumidifier, I’ve been able to raise the thermostat setting & lessen the workload of the air conditioning. My monthly energy bills are much lower, & yet our condo is far more comfortable. My family sleeps better at evening & has more energy while in the day. The dehumidifier was not overly overpriced, & the Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor installed it without any major disruption to our home. It operates quietly & requires only yearly repair. The dehumidifier has greatly improved our quality of life.

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