I needed some protective gear

My siblings and I have invested in several properties along the shore of a popular lake.  We did this so that we could rent the properties out when we were not using them. This covers the cost of upkeep and the loans that were needed to purchase them.  Now, we don’t live close enough to them for us to go clean them after each tenant so we hired a commercial cleaning company to take care of that for us. We found the company after speaking to others who owned property and did that same thing we did.  They came very highly recommended and have a reputation for being very thorough and trustworthy. The nicest thing about hiring a company like this is that we know whether or not to return the cleaning deposit or not to the people who rent. There is a checklist on the fridge when they arrive letting them know what is expected of them upon leaving and for the most  part people follow the rules. There are, however, some occasions where the cleaning crew must do things like clean the carpets, make small repairs, or even spend hours cleaning up from a huge party that the people decided to have. This is when we are very grateful that someone else gets to clean up the mess. We really like having a place for the family to vacation for a few weeks throughout the year and it is nice to have a way to afford it so easily too.  The commercial cleaning company is really great and their fees that they charge are well worth the expense. We sign a contract with them each year and never hesitate to give references for them as well.

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