My motion detector

I do some work for a national insurance business. We all have more than 1000 employees absolutely working in our business. All of us insure cars, trucks, boats, & recreational vehicles. Our businessman has been in contractor for 24 years. The past year, the people I was with and I broke ground on a modern building. The new building is highly well. The lightning, Heating & A/C systems, & security are all dealt through a building automation program. The indoor lights are programmed on a time delay, & the outdoor lights are solar. The modern Heating & A/C plan is run from a special control room. There are 6 monitors that accurately display the indoor temperatures, moisture levels, & even CO2 levels. Every one of us at all times have a certified BAS supervisor in the control room. They monitor our automation program & look for anything out of the blue; So far, things have been ideal. Every one of us had a tiny complication last Sunday, when the RFID cards weren’t absolutely going well. Each employee has a unique   RFID, but every card scan was cluing in on an error. Every one of us had to call the security installation team to look over & fix up the problem. Since the locks run off the card reader, no 1 could enter the area. Every one of us had 24 employees kneeling outside in the cold, while the people I was with and I waited for the security team to come around. With no way to override the security feature, the people I was with and I were stuck outdoors in the cold air & elements.