Need to get the HVAC tune up

Sunday day shined, bright, beautiful & particularly warm outside. My indoor temperature was not that good either, i had had house guests in the past – many, many house guests from nearby and also from far away. Almost never before had I experienced this degree of tension & unparticularty. It is one thing to be uncomfortable in your own house periodically, however to subject people you highly regard to that situation, is totally an embarrassing thing.

                 The night before, I had called up the Heating & A/C people to reminded them of the appointment they had with my Heating & A/C component that day, but they promised me that all would be well & I tried to think them. It was about more than nine thirty that day, when the Heating & A/C van rolled into my yard. Two servicemen alighted, grinned at me & said “Good day”. I forced a smile back quickly, they grabbed their tools & set to work! All sorts of startling thoughts were running through my brain.  What if Mrs, coolish was too seasoned to be tuned? What if these workers could do nothing to improve my indoor air conditions? The servicemen worked for over an hour and a half, before they came inside to check if things had gotten any better.

               You can try to imagine my satisfaction when the people I was with and I set the temperature control & in minutes, cool, attractive air came wafting through the vents. I could have kissed those techs! My fears quickly evaporated and pretty much everything was back to normal. Every one of us all had a attractive time with my friends, thanks to good a/c, and mrs. Coolish may have been down however she was actually not out. At least, not yet.

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