The attic is a breeding ground for mold

Last winter, the two of us experienced record chilly hot & cold temperatures & our condo felt downright chilly at times. I kept raising the thermostat setting, & ended up spending a fortune in heating bills. When Spring finally arrived, I contacted a local Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor for a recommendation. I wasn’t sure if I needed to update the oil furnace or find a way to tighten up our condo to prevent energy waste. After a thorough inspection of the oil furnace, HVAC duct & home, the contractor commanded  attic insulation. Attic insulation provides a level of protection, helping to regulate indoor hot & cold temperatures & block the transfer of energy outside. Because our existing insulation was old, thin & had been compromised by rodents, it was no longer doing the job. Insulation is designed to trap air in billions of tiny pockets. These pockets had become flattened, plus disfigured by water & dirt. Mice had shredded & left behind feces within the insulation. It needed to be removed & updated. Improving the integrity of insulation provides the benefit of reducing heating & cooling expenses, but now that the insulation has been installed, there’s less strain on the air conditioning & oil furnace, decreasing the potential for malfunction & hopefully, lengthening service life. Plus, the heating & cooling equipment is able to maintain a more even & comfortable temperature. The mold & mildew concerns in the attic have been eliminated & there is less moisture & condensation in the home. We’ve even noticed that the two of us no longer hear exterior noises as much. The insulation will also protect the roof, preventing premature deterioration, ice build up & icicle formation.

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