The heated floors are too quiet

I care about everything about our radiant floors except that they don’t make noise. I blame our outdated gas furnace for that though. My gas furnace plan was dying for years. It let me guess by making a loud grinding noise all night long. When the oil furnace turned on it made a honestly distinctive click. Now that I have heated flooring, there is no sound. No air is easily being blown. Hot water is heated by a boiler plus the water flows through pipes in the floor. This doesn’t make sound plus would never make a noise. This should be a positive thing. I am so used to noise that I can’t sleep anymore. I hear every creak plus crack in the house. I am easily terrified of someone breaking in now. Any little sound has me wide awake. I wish our radiant flooring would at least make a humming noise. I don’t even guess when it is on either. I frequently forget I turned on the heating equipment. I will then walk around dripping with sweat to death plus complaining. Then I realize I left the hydronic heating on plus that our bills are going to be so high. There is no loud click to tell me it went on or off. I need to do this manually plus remember. I am hoping that I will adjust to our newer plus much more efficient heater. I need to have a plan of turning on plus off the machine. I also need something to make noise in the condo so I can get a fantastic night of rest.

radiant floor heating