The heating use at camping

My girlfriend plus I are going on vacation to a country known for being cold. The country is also known for appealing landscapes plus amazing hiking. What she wants to do is hike, pitch a tent plus sleep in the wild. I am not a hiking, camping type of girl. The weather will be a high of 50 degrees plus a low of 20 degrees. No matter what, I will want some heating. I can’t imagine sleeping outside in the dark with the wind blowing plus having no heating. My girlfriend is hardcore. She wants to pack thermal gear, a superb quality tent plus possibly make fire for heating. I am not as hardcore. I want a cushy hotel room with a oil furnace plus a temperature control. I decided that the people I was with and I could meet in the middle though. I found campgrounds that you can hike around. You can sleep right outside however in a tent the grounds provide. The tent also comes with a bed plus a gas furnace. The oil furnace unit is hooked to a generator that is set up in the cabins on the campgrounds. I told our girlfriend that is the closest thing to camping I will do. This is technically called glamping. You get heating while doing the whole sleeping on the ground thing. My girlfriend gets to be a single with nature, hike around plus I get to have heating for the nighttime. I would easily care about sleeping in the cabins with a toilet plus shower. But, if I had to only option a single thing to have on this trip, I would option having heating for it.