The odors in the office

For the past few weeks, all of us have experienced a weird odor in our office at work. It odors sort of musty and stale. At first, I thought it was someone in the office, but when it didn’t go away, I realized that it must be caused by something else. No a single wanted to be the a single to bring it up at first, but all of us were all overwhelmed by this horrid odor. After weeks, someone finally advocated that the source might have something to do with our heating and cooling units. Desperate to get rid of the odor, our boss called a local heating and cooling supplier. The next day, there was a heating and cooling corporation in our office assessing the problem. Sure enough, the odor was coming from the heater. It turns out, there was a tremendous build up of dirt, debris, dust, and other allergens in the air vents. The more these things built up on the surface of the air vents, the worse the odor got. If there had been so much dust and debris building up for so long, all of us wondered why all of us hadn’t odored the odor sooner. The heating and cooling corporation explained that the furnace was start to slowly burn some of the dust and debris which led to low air quality in our office and the production of that unpleasant odor. Luckily, the heating and cooling corporation was able to scrub the vents and update the air filters, which immediately alleviated the problem. Now that we’ve worked through that dreadful odor, I don’t think all of us will ever forget to keep the air vents scrub again. My boss has already busy another appointment for our next repair and maintenance check. I secretly wrote myself a reminder note to make sure that no a single forgets!