the stinky smell in the air quality

I have the cutest dachshund in the world, but some afternoons she has a extreme knack for mischief plus trouble.  The easily first time I saw him as a puppy she tried to eat a small rock in the flower bed in front of her breeder’s front door! Within weeks of owning him both of us caught him eating a plastic toy spider plus got the amusement of a lifetime when both of us x-rayed him plus saw the image of the spider sitting in her gut.  Fortunate enough for my pup, the toy spider was made of a plastic that breaks down with stomach acids, so both of us didn’t have to worry about an abdominal rupture. Believe it or not, both of us decided to go through the same scenario a year later when she swallowed a single of my plastic toy frogs. Even as she got older plus marginally wiser, things never got self-explanatory.  One year she survived getting hit by a vehicle at 30 miles an hour plus another year both of us rehabbed her broken spine when an injury left him paralyzed from her lower stomach down to her back legs. A few years later she managed to track in skunk stink into our apartment resulting in thoUSands of dollars in Heating plus Air Conditioning cleaning bills. At the time, both of us were renting an old apartment that had a central Heating plus Air Conditioning system retrofitted inside, utilizing whatever space was available in a apartment that was never designed with air conditioner in mind.  The return vent for the cooling system was directly connected to the air handler inside, with the vent itself sitting at floor level on the other side of the adjacent wall. When my dachshund walked in the skunk stink, it was drawn into the cooling system as it cycled after she got back inside the house. All of us had to have our duct labor cleaned twice after the first cleaning job left the apartment smelling as terrible or worse than before. Even after both of us cleaned the entire Heating plus Air Conditioning system plus every surface plus piece of furniture in the house, both of us couldn’t completely rid our house of skunk smell for at least multiple weeks after the incident.

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