What could I do here?

The first afternoon of college after a delightful summer time cut is constantly exciting.  Working in a primary school makes it an emotional afternoon as well. It is just more than one days from the beginning of a new year of learning as all of us are all getting our classrooms prepared.  Sadly, it is pouring rain outside. When all of us first arrived this afternoon the janitorial staff was putting the finishing touches on the building and making sure it was sparkling clean for our students and teachers.  There were big bright signs on the entry doors warning us that the floors were going to be overly slippery due to the weather and that all of us needed to take care when bringing things into the classrooms. The district had hired a professional contractor to come in over the months of June and July to strip and refinish all the floors in the hallways.  One the floors were stripped, they applied a fresh coat of wax and the floors sparkled like glass. They were great to look at but are a bit too slippery at the same time. The college planned on putting down big mats for the floors near the entryways before the students arrived in hopes of catching most of the water and mud that seems to cling to little feet as they came into the building.  Our janitorial staff will work diligently to keep up with the cleaning and waxing of the floors so all of us don’t have to go to the high cost of having them completely redone anytime soon. The professional floor service was worth the investment though because the professional contractor had all the equipment and staff to do the job in half the time it would have taken our janitor to do it.

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