A lesson in love

A long time ago when I was training to become a certified Heating & Air Conditioning repairman, I absolutely hated the man that I was working under.

At the time I was only eighteen as well as he was in his forties, as well as every one of us were the total opposites of each other it seemed, then every single time that every one of us were sent out on a repair call or when he was teaching me something he was so difficult on me, even if I made the slightest mistake! During the many weeks every one of us worked together I thought that he just couldn’t stand me, however it turned out that he was actually just pushing me to be fantastic because he saw potential in me.

As soon I had finished all of our training as well as was now an Heating & Air Conditioning repairman, the man I worked with came directly up to me as well as gave me a giant hug… He told me how proud he was of me working so difficult to become a repairman, as well as he told me that if I was able to handle all of the trials as well as tribulations that he gave me, working on our own would be a breeze! It has been a really long time since our early afternoons on the job, yet those lessons as well as skills that man taught me still help me every afternoon to be the best Heating & Air Conditioning repairman that I can possibly be, however occasionally taxing love isn’t easy to handle when you are young, although I am thankful to have dealt with it back then, as well as I now use the same tactic he used with me to teach the younger generation of Heating & Air Conditioning repairman who toil under our wing.


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