A warm, damp, & humid office building

It’s been raining almost non-stop for the past more than one weeks around here, however it’s entirely starting to put a damper on our mood, no pun intended.

It just makes me want to hide away in our home, but alas, I have a task & I have to commute there everyday; Sometimes it’s so wet outside that I end up wearing old tennis shoes until I get into the office.

That way, the mud & the puddles do not get our nice shoes all messed up as I make our way from the parking lot to the office, my beach beach house has a pretty good air conditioner & I constantly have a dehumidifier on hand for recognizably humid mornings. It’s cool & dry in our home, so I entirely wouldn’t have a problem with the rain if I could spend most of our time there. My office building is another story, and our a/c device is subpar at best, then also, we most entirely do not have a dehumidifier. Thus, it constantly feels warm, moist, & muggy in that office. There is the faintest smell of mildew developing & I do not think it’s our imagination! It’s getting to the point where I entirely think I’m going to take the problem up with management if no one else steps up to do so. The two of us need to get a new a/c device fixed & we could entirely do with a dehumidifier. I have a taxing time believing that our company does not make enough cash to address these troubles. They should invest in the comfort of their employees.

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