AC has changed camping

I really like going in the outdoors and camping.

  • I liked the old days where it was the norm.

Do you remember when you could just grab a tent, some bedding, & some food & water & run away for a few days? There was no electricity, no cell phones, nothing would be required for a fun time. Remember the nicer days when you could sleep in the back of the van or on some soft grass & just be by yourself? Well, those days are long and over. So, the invention of the a/c has put a completely current twist on camping. Remember in the old days when you had to retreat from your tent because it was super warm with no form of a/c? Those days are passed. I recently bought a camper with a brand new Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C unit! During the Summer, I can sit back inside my air-conditioned kitchen & watch nature from a distance! I am not forced to stay outside if I don’t want to, & if I do want to walk outdoors, the a/c is waiting for me when I return, then during those hot Summer days when you are afraid of passing out due to the intense mugginess, the a/c will make the day a blast. I remember having issues trying to sleep at night because of the heat, however the a/c will help you fall asleep so much faster! I literally have never had trouble with trying to fall asleep with my current camper that contains an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C unit.

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