Accidentally ruining the ac

As a high college gym teacher, I understand how far some students are willing to go to get out of class, however i have had a large number of students try every play in the book to get out of gym class, however there is 1 student who will regularly stick out in my mind; One morning, this student had the bright method to split the a/c component to be able to skip class.

It was pretty warm outside, as well as the AC component was already having some problem running.

As a college rule, if the AC component or oil furnace is broken, then students have the choice to stand out of gym class! The school that I am at really doesn’t want any chance of liability if students are toowarmin the Summer or too cold in the winter. This student of mine, unknown to me, decided to throw a baseball into the ductlabor of the a/c unit. The a/c component was making a bunch of very weird sounds for a while as well as then stopped working all together. I had a couple students from the Heating & A/C program come check it out, as well as they told me they weren’t sure what was wrong with the AC unit. I knew they were just Heating & A/C students, so I rang over their teacher, but she checked the air filters and also the fans before finding the baseball. She said there was no way somebody accidentally ruined the a/c unit, so I knew there had to have been some foul play. I sat everybody down and went on to question them about the AC unit, after all it was college property. I didn’t genuinely care, although I wanted to know which student was clever enough to stall the AC component without entirely messing it up.
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