Brr, it’s cold in here – there must be… a broken heating system?

I really have come to be smitten with the school and its indoor gym. It’s a entirely nice and well equipped building, big enough to accommodate a full basketball court. There’s also plenty of space for spectators, some office rooms, and even a classroom or two! Though none of us had all that much of a problem with the Heating and A/C system, I had also come to rely on the heating and cooling system in that gym. The school years were kind to us, whether we were attending a class or playing on the basketball court! The Heating and A/C system always kept us all comfortable. Well, up until one day, when I was in the junior year of school. That was when something quite unfortunate happened, as there was a loud banging noise coming from the gym’s HVAC system! From there, no heat was coming out of the system – on a twenty degree day. If that were not exhausting enough, the air conditioning system kicked into full gear! Now it was absolutely freezing in the gym, with the frigid air from the A/C unit blasting down at us. Staff had to rush any Heating and A/C worker they could find to our gym, if we were going to be able to have the game that night! I don’t believe either team performed at their best due to that air conditioning system. If it were up to me, I would’ve pushed to have the game another day when the heating system was working!

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