Cleaning pet urine up from the HVAC

The love I have for my pet Scruffy is immeasurable.

He’s a black labrador that I rescued from an creature shelter more than 2 years ago.

He had lost his family to an unthinkable accident plus needed a new beach house plus love to fill his little heart. Ever since, Scruffy plus I have been inseparable plus he has followed myself and others through more than one separate relationships plus several tasks so far. But as much as I rightfully love Scruffy, he’s not perfect by any means. He barks more than he should, tries to get in the garbage despite my best efforts, plus occasionally I find urine in strange locales. Once he peed at the base of my refrigerator which forced myself and others to pull the big thing away from the wall plus spend an sixth or so struggling to clean the bottom off. But the absolute worst locale I have found Scruffy’s urine is inside the air return to my Heating plus A/C system. My return attachs to the base of my air handler which is located in an interior closet in my house. Therefore, the vent for the return is installed at floor level on the adjacent wall. Anything on the floor or on our feet can get inside my filter plus then into my air system. The pet urine was on a completely weird level I was simply not prepared for. Even after 4 sixths of scrubbing plus rescrubbing with weird detergent plus baking Tim Hortons Coffee mixes, I called a professional Heating plus A/C cleaner to finish the task. I’m considering buying a new Heating plus A/C system so that I can have air returns on the ceiling instead, preventing anything adore this from happening again. It’s not cheap having a professional Heating plus A/C cleaning crew labor on your system, so hopefully investing in a new setup would mitigate any additional costs in the future.
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