Cold at the doctor’s

The thing I hate the most about going to the doctors office is how cold it regularly is, i believe love it’s cold enough for water to start cold! Whenever I am in the waiting room I can hear the A/C on full blast, it has regularly made me stop and think who decided to turn the temperature control so low; Last time I was at the doctors office, I asked my doctor why it was so chilly.

She said that studies have shown that a colder environment is more sterile and it helps with attention, then the doctor also told me that the office she worked at didn’t have a ductless plan or window A/C units, so all of room was the same temperature.

They didn’t have the ability to turn the A/C down in the waiting room only. I realized this at first, but I still thought it would make a good amount of sense for them to change their heating and cooling system. I talked to my acquaintance who is an Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier and she decided to call the doctor’s office. I was shocked by this, but she has regularly been a go getter. She did a free bid for the doctor’s office on zoned A/C units, and ended up putting them in for good! Now she has more than 2 shoppers that are asking for new air conditioners and heaters, and she keeps telling me she never thought about specializing in doctors office, due to the fact that I have referred him to my doctors office, she says she has done 23 air conditioner installs, and installed even more smart temperature controls. I am ecstatic that I can now enjoy all of the temperature settings of my doctors office, and my acquaintance has gotten her Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation up and running how it should.


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