Could not live as a caveman

Back in the caveman afternoons it was the strongest who survived.

You had to stay healthy plus strong no matter what or you were gone.

No medicine, enjoyable shelter or steady food. Those people were hearty. They just lived off the land plus the best 1s got to live. If you did that to people now, the people I was with and I would not do so hot. I would be picked off within a week… For 1, I am totally used to having weather conditions control. I have zone control for our house! Every room is set to a identifiable temperature program. I get AC when I work out, heating when I sleep plus quality cooling when I have dinner. I even control the humidity levels in those spaces, then however, the main issue for myself and others in the wild would be the air quality. I have a dehumidifier to work with our a/c. I have a humidifier for our oil furnace. I have an whole-new home air purifier plus UV lights installed in the Heating plus Air Conditioning, however any little air quality unit you can come up with, I have it. I want our indoor air conditions to have the right amount of moisture plus be clean. That is because our skin dries out or breaks out easily. I also can get sick from dusty air conditions. Can you imagine myself and others as a caveman? I heard the outdoor air quality is honestly cleaner than inside, then but what about how dry it gets in the Winter time plus moist in the summer? I would be dead or ready to kill myself separate from our IAQ equipment.

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