Different in Stage

What’s so different in the stages? The stages are the determining factor in what power levels your HVAC unit can operate in.

Your HVAC unit could be operating on what is known as single stage operation.

If this type of stage is dominating in your home, you may be familiar with the click, hiss, and buzz sound that often happens when the air conditioning or heater comes on. This indicates that the only stage available – the single stage – has initiated in response to the thermostat temperature. As a result, the power consumption is the same every time the air conditioning or heating unit turns on. The multistage systems have a graduated approach. Multistage HVAC units have multiple power levels that can be initiated depending on the needs of the area. It might depend on the difference in the ambient temperature and the desired temperature of the room. Another way to think of single stage HVAC units is that they take an “all or nothing” approach to things. The multistage HVAC units have potential to save a lot more power by selecting one power level appropriate to the temperature gradient in the rooms. Most modern homes actually use single stage heating and air conditioning because it is easy to install and is cheaper at the outset to have installed. If you are interested in upgrading your HVAC unit to a multistage, try calling your HVAC provider and seeing what they can offer you. An HVAC technician can come check out your equipment and see if you can get an upgrade to a multistage system.

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