Enjoying the heated flooring in the hotel

I genuinely want to have radiant heated flooring in my house! Wouldn’t that be such a good system to have? Don’t take this the wrong way.

I genuinely prefer my house the way it is.

I am happy with my curtains and rugs. I prefer the look of the house. I prefer the land that it is sitting on. I like the reading hole that I designed in the living room. However, if I could change 1 thing about my home, I would install hydronic heating in my house. My first experience with radiant heated flooring was on trip with my brother during our holiday season. I wasn’t aware that our hotel had this, but the evening we got there, I noticed that there was a dial on the wall next to the bed. I played with it to see if it did anything, & when I saw no change, I left it at the highest degree. Then I woke up and I placed my feet on the heated flooring. It was like my brother and I had both experienced heaven. Rather than walking on a cold, tile floor, him and I experienced a warmth that radiated throughout our entire body. These radiant heated floorboards were throughout the entire space, & were the sole source of Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C heating throughout the hotel room. The cool part about radiant heated flooring is that it heats a room from the bottom layer to the top. This is giving a more natural & comfortable heat. It doesn’t all rise to the ceiling and waste energy. It doesn’t blow any dust from the vents to make your room have poor indoor air quality.


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