Focused on energy efficiency with my HVAC system

My parents taught me to be thrifty with my income.

Their grandparents had lived through the great depression and instilled a sense of humility and respect for the value of money in all of their progeny.

These values followed down the family tree to my sister and myself. I never cared for buying flashy clothes or needless jewelry. I went to an inexpensive college and saved tens of thousands of dollars on college tuition in the process. I drive a hybrid automobile and spend a mere fraction on gasoline than I did years ago on a standard combustion engine. Recently, I have been looking for ways to cut costs around the house. I only use LED lights throughout and I have implemented a series of cost cutting initiatives with my heating and cooling system. I paid extra to buy a custom fit ventilation system to optimize air flow in my house, thus cutting back on electricity while improving the comfort levels inside. I also installed double pane windows to improve insulation and prevent needless energy leakage. Next I plan to swap out my electric furnace for a gas furnace, hoping that will knock some money off my utility fees in the winter months. But by far the biggest impact on improving energy efficiency with my HVAC system was simply replacing the central air conditioner. Don’t get me wrong, all of the other factors made significant contributions, but the largest change happened right after the AC was replaced. The air throughout felt much colder and I could see the dollars falling off my monthly bill like autumn leaves.


Ductless mini split